As Promised, Our Newspaper Interview

We were very excited to be interviewed by our newspaper! This is the story that came out on Friday in the Virden Empire Advance!


Here is a close up of us with the tent in the background (unfortunately it is VERY hard to see against the whiteness of the Home Ec hut)!



This might make it easier to read the story:

img_3996  img_3997

Each of us explained part of our project to Mr. James and then he wrote it all up in the story and put a quote from Mrs. Halland at the end, because she is the teacher.

We can’t wait until we get our results and then we will do another write up for the paper to tell everybody all about them!!!

Take It Down

On Friday September 30th, we took down the Malaise trap, packed it up and sent it back to Guelph. Here are pictures of the two collection bottles.

week-1-bugs    week-2-bugs

Week 1                                                        Week 2


bottle-2 bottle



poles-2  almost-done

Starting the take down with our drill sergeant Maddie!

poles  take-down-1


Figuring out how to take the poles down and put them away!



Putting the net away.



We finally got it all to fit in the bag!!


clean-up  fence hauling-fence        take-down-3

Speed is key! Cleaning up the safety fence and putting the site back to how we found it, except for the grass which was longer in the site than outside of it!



We’re Famous!

On the 28th of September our class had a special visitor. Our local paparazzi, Mr. James, from the Virden Empire Advance, came and interviewed our class. He asked us lots of questions about the Malaise trap and took our picture with it. It was cool having Mr. James here! Once the story is published we will post a link to the story with a picture.