Announcing the Fall 2015 #SMTPselfie Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Fall 2015 #SMTPselfie contest!
Thank you to all who entered, we had some great entries this program! The winners for the #SMTPselfie contest will receive a Life Scanner Kit  which will essentially allow them to DNA barcode 4 organisms of their choice and find out what species they are!
Currently these kits are being offered for free for first time users + shipping online at the above mentioned link, so be sure to sign your class up for one!
And without further ado…the winners of the Fall 2015 #SMTPselfie contest are:
1) Brooksbank Elementary School – BC
2) Preeceville School – SK
3) Crestview Public School – ON
4) New Horizons School – AB
New Horizons
5) The York School – ON
The York School
Congratulations to all!

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