Announcing the Spring 2015 #SMTPselfie Winners!

LifeScannerWe are pleased to announce the winners of our #SMTPselfie contest! Thank you to all who entered, we had some great pictures this program! The winners for the #SMTPselfie contest will receive a Life Scanner Kit  which will essentially allow them to DNA barcode 4 organisms of their choice and find out what species they are! Currently these kits are being offered for free + shipping online at the above mentioned link, so be sure to sign your class up for one!


And without further ado…the winners of the #SMTPselfie contest are:


1) M.C. Knoll Elementary School


2) John Polanyi Collegiate Institute


3) Iona Academy


4) Chedabucto Education Centre/ Guysborough Academy


5) École Précieux-Sang


Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you to all who participated! The Life Scanner Kits have been mailed and are on their way to you!

Currently, most of your specimens have been processed by the lab and have been uploaded to our online barcode reference library (BOLD). To learn more about the lab processes, please visit the following link:


We look forward to sharing the School Malaise Trap Program results with you soon!


The School Malaise Trap Program Team

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