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What a day, good news is looks like over 50 bugs, and with a temperature of 33 and a cloud coverage of about 3%.  BUT there my not be any disturbances but the trap seems/looks to be collapsing. We had an entomologist from Scientist In Schools who asked us for tour of out trap/program. She took a look our trap and she was quite surprised of our progress. The last couple of weeks have been quite a few great ones and we hope to take part of this EPIC opportunity in future weeks.

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Marshall here from SilverHeights P.S and today it was a lousy 60% cloud coverage and a temperature of 17 degrees. We were happy to take a semi-selfie with our trap. we caught around 20 to 30 bugs in our trap but the last 2 days there was a little spider that would build a web right around the hole of the trap.  (without hurting the spider) we have to remove the web with a stick. Well hope to post soon with a picture of the spider. And I also used all my time to post this, Marshall.