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St. Paul’s Malaise Trap

Hello BIO! We were late on yesterday’s blog but this is a catch up.  The catch volume so far this week is at about 2 it’s going at about the same pace as last weeks catch volume.  Today is a very wet day so that hopefully will bring in a new species of insect! We will update you tomorrow on how it is going.

This blog was written by Daniel & Liam

C.C. Mr. E? Flickr Creative Commons
C.C. Mr. E?
Flickr Creative Commons

St. Paul Malaise Trap

Hey  it is Sophie and Daniella! We’re on week 2 of our Malaise Trap project. It’s a good start (we’ve caught 8 bugs in one hour!). The weather has been good which is why we have “so many” insects. We hope that by the end of week 2, our catch volume will be greater than week 1.

Blog you later!!!

Week 1's bottle
Week 1’s bottle

St. Paul’s Malaise Trap

Hello BIO friends! Geramy, Liam, and David here with an update on our Malaise Trap. Our catch volume for week 1 is near level 3.  Since we have set up the Malaise Trap on Monday, we have checked the catch volume and the weather every single day. On Monday our class is going to virtually meet a biologist, who works on the BIObus. Our class is very excited about week 2!



St. Paul Elementary School

St. Paul Elementary School is located in South Burlington, Ontario. Our trap has been deployed in the back of the schoolyard in a field where the students play during recess.  One side of the field is adjacent to houses, another side has a bike path, and the third side has a track.  Today was the third day that we monitored the trap.  

Currently we have a catch volume of about 1.5.  We have been very excited to check our collection bottle everyday. It contains a lot of very small flying insects, and at least one wasp and spider.