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Happy Day 1 of Collecting!

Dear #bioSMTP participants,

Happy collecting on this first day of trap deployment! Several of you have been tweeting and blogging pictures and we are so glad that you have found the perfect locations for your Malaise traps! We encourage you and your class to take a “#SMTPselfie” with your trap as well as tell us about the weather in your area!

Don’t forget to start filling out the “collection record spreadsheet“, as you will need to submit this document to us at the end of the program (hard or electronic copy).

Happy collecting!


Nearly 1 Week Till Trap Deployment!

Hello #bioSMTP participants!

As you are already aware we are approaching trap deployment; it’s just around the corner (Sept. 19 – 30)! As such, a package containing all the materials you will require to run the program has been sent to you via FedEx (please alert your front office). Depending on your location, you should expect to receive this package by the end of this week, or for further locations, next week.

Once you receive your program package and Malaise Trap (or even if you haven’t yet), we encourage you to start blogging!

Introduce us to your school/class and tell us about the location you have chosen for your Malaise Trap (don’t forget to add a picture or two!). Also, feel free to tweet @SMTP_Canada to share your posts/pictures!

The #bioSMTP team has found the perfect location for their trap – what do you think?

Renee checks the collection bottle on BIO's Malaise Trap!
Renee checks the collection bottle on BIO’s Malaise Trap!

We are excited to get started!

Congratulations to our 2016 Fall School Malaise Trap Program Participants!

Thank you to all who applied for this Fall’s 2016 version of the School Malaise Trap Program! This year, we received an overwhelming amount of applicants to the program (over 200 schools) from across Canada. It is because of your continued enthusiasm and support of the program that we have become so successful!

We are pleased to announce the following 60 schools and 7 reference sites have been accepted into the 2016 Fall School Malaise Trap Program. Congratulations to all!

2016 Fall School Malaise Trap Program Participants:

School Province
Blueberry School AB
Highlands School AB
Holy Cross Catholic School AB
Our Lady of Peace AB
W.O. Mitchell School AB
Brentwood College School BC
City Central Learning Centre BC
Cortes Island School BC
Fort Nelson Secondary School BC
Halfmoon Bay Community School BC
Oyama Traditional School BC
St. Anthony’s School BC
T.M. Roberts Elementary School BC
École St-Avila School MB
Kola School MB
Oakenwald School MB
St. Paul’s Collegiate MB
Vincent Massey High School MB
Devon Middle School NB
Inglewood School NB
Jens Haven Memorial School NL
Menihek High School NL
Queen of Peace Middle School NL
St. Matthew’s School NL
Madeline Symonds Middle School NS
Shatford Memorial Elementary School NS
École St. Patrick High School NT
Alliance St-Joseph ON
Castle Oask Public School ON
Chris Hadfield Public School ON
Chris Hadfield School ON
Collège Notre-Dame ON
Davenport Public School ON
Dr. George Hall Public School ON
Earl of March Secondary School ON
Elizabeth Ziegler Public School ON
Elora P.S. ON
Gordon A. Brown Middle School ON
Hamilton District Christian High School ON
John Polanyi C. I. ON
John T. Tuck School ON
Lydia Trull P.S. ON
Massey Street Public School ON
Morning Star Middle School ON
North Park Collegiate and Vocational School ON
Parkdale Collegiate Institute ON
Resurrection Catholic Secondary School ON
Sacred Heart Elementary School ON
Sir Frederick Banting SS ON
St. Elizabeth Seton Elementary School ON
St. Mary CES ON
St. Patrick Catholic  School ON
Westminster Central Public School ON
Ecole River Heights School SK
Hudson Bay Community School SK
La Loche Community School – Dene Building SK
Medstead Cental School SK
Vibank Regional School SK
Kluane Lake School YT
St. Elias Community School YT


Reference Site Province/State
Helen Schuler Nature Centre AB
Biological Sciences Department, Mt. San Jacinto College, Menifee Valley Campus CA
Biological Sciences Department, Mt. San Jacinto College, Menifee Valley Campus CA
Blair Outdoor Education Centre ON
Camp Heidelberg Nature Centre ON
Laurel Creek ON
Royal Botanical Gardens ON

Thank you to all who applied and congratulations to our selected participants!

Email interruption: Please resend registration forms

Unfortunately, we experienced an interruption to our email service from approximately 6pm EDT on Wednesday, June 22, to 3pm on Monday, June 27. If you sent us your registration form for the Fall 2016 program or any other correspondence within that time period, please resend it. Our email address is We will confirm with you within 5 days (but usually much sooner!) that we have received it.  We are incredibly sorry for this inconvenience.

Registration is now OPEN for the School Malaise Trap Program!

Attention Teachers!

Registration is now open for the Fall 2016 School Malaise Trap Program!

Interested teachers are encouraged to complete the Fall 2016 Registration Form.  It is to be filled out electronically and delivered via email to (please open the form in Adobe Acrobat and save before sending, otherwise the form we receive will be blank).  Please note that the deadline for registration is Monday, August 1, 2016. Spots are limited so it is best to register as early as possible. The coordinating team will review applications and begin contacting schools at the end of August to confirm registration and provide specific details about the program.

For further registration details, please visit the following link: How to Register

Requesting Letters of Support!

Dear #bioSMTP Participants & Supporters (past & present),

We hope that you and your students have enjoyed participating in the School Malaise Trap Program over the past few years. Our staff at BIO truly believe in the educational value of this program and are ecstatic that we have been able to provide this opportunity to nearly 500 classrooms and 15,000 students across Canada since 2013.

Currently, the School Malaise Trap Program costs about $1000 per school to run, and we have the ambitious goal of continuing to provide this program to approximately 60 schools in both the fall and spring of each year. Sadly, during 2016 we will be unable to reach this goal. Due to a lack of funding, we will not be able to host the Spring 2016 School Malaise Trap Program. All remaining funds have been channeled towards a guaranteed Fall 2016 program.

With the hopes of bringing back the Spring program in 2017, we are in the midst of applying for major funding which holds the potential of supporting the program for quite some time – yet we will need your help to make this future a reality. If you enjoyed the program and the learning opportunities that it provided to your students, please consider writing a letter of support on our behalf so that we may forward this positive feedback to our generous funders with the hopes of gaining continued support.

Please help us keep the School Malaise Trap Program alive!

We ask that letters be written and signed (if possible) on official school/institution letterhead and submitted by Feb. 9th, 2016.

Letters may be sent using the options listed below:
Scan & email:
Fax: (519) 824-5703
Mail to:
Education and Outreach
Biodiversity Institute of Ontario
University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, ON, Canada N1G 2W1

We thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support and look forward to hearing from you soon.


The School Malaise Trap Program Team

It’s #GivingTuesday! Please help to support the School Malaise Trap Program!

Dear Educators and Friends of the School Malaise Trap Program,

Today is Giving Tuesday, the global day of giving, and we are excited to announce that this year the School Malaise Trap Program will be hosting a crowdfunding campaign through the University of Guelph!

Over the past three years, the program has become an outstanding success through the constant dedication of educators, students, and supporters of the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario. Through our generous funders we have been able to reach nearly 15,000 students and over 250 schools across Canada! Furthermore, the scientific findings associated with the program are quite impressive. Over 6,500 arthropod species have been collected by participants, with 1041 of those species being new to BOLD.

As resources diminish, we are asking for support from generous donors like you so that we may keep the program alive! This year we are hoping to raise at least $10000 in order to keep the program free for participants (average cost = $1000 per participant). For more information about our program costs and our goals, please click here.

Every little bit helps! If each person who receives this email donates $15.43, we would be able to reach our goal TODAY! We ask that you kindly consider donating as well as spreading the word by forwarding this email or sharing it via social media.


All donations are eligible for a tax receipt, and you can feel good about continuing to bring modern biodiversity science to students and educators across Canada. We thank you in advance for your contribution to keep this valuable educational opportunity alive!

Check out our School Malaise Trap Program donation video here:

The School Malaise Trap Program Team


Carlene, a Collections Technician with the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, has just returned to work after taking the trip of a lifetime – a 6 month adventure spent hiking the Pacific Crest Trail!

“For those who were/are interested in my thru-hike, I haven’t fallen off a ridge or caught on fire. I am now finished with my adventure and have taken the time to compile my notes and photos so that I can describe the rest of my hike to you! It turns out that when you are walking all day (and sometimes at night) there is little time for blog writing…so here it is!”

Continue reading about Carlene’s adventure here!

Glad to have you back Carlene!