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First Day of Trap Deployment at Marchmont Public School!

Marchmont Public School 1st day of collection. What an awesome team!
Marchmont Public School 1st day of collection. What an awesome team!

Today was exciting for my ‘Bug Research Team’. We struggled setting up the trap as there was a broken frame. Nevertheless, we persevered, set the trap and fought off many primary students for entry into the area! Great day and excited anticipation for our ‘bug catch’ for tomorrow!

Lorne Park’s Malaise Trap

Lorne Park Public School is really excited to have found the perfect location for our Malaise Trap! It’s located in our newly created “no-mow zone.” We have a hard working and inquisitive group of kid-scientists who can’t wait to discover the variety of insects that will be collected in the trap. We’re really looking forward to Monday’s official start!

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What a great day at Cyril Varney Public School in Sudbury, Ontario

Hi everyone,

The Grade 2/3 class at Cyril Varney Public School in Sudbury, Ontario is excited to be a part of the Malaise Trap Program.  We started off our day today by exploring all the living things in our school yard and then after about an hour, the students captured over 8 different types of insects.  Shortly after their discoveries, we had a couple of the grade 6’s help put up the tent. They had fun too!  The kids were so intrigued that they were going to spend the weekend looking for bugs in their own backyard.  Many of them said they wanted to bring them in on Monday to show the class.  We look forward to reading blogs from other schools!



All set to go at Riverwood!

This morning at The Riverwood Conservancy, elementary instructor Alison, and teaching intern Theresa set up the Malaise Trap near the historic Chappell House. The chosen site is surrounded by forsythia, oak, beech, pine, and a beautiful Carolinian garden. We are excited to get the jar set up next week and see what we catch!



And now some bad luck…

Over the weekend our trap was vandalized again. This time all the pegs were stolen and one of the poles were broken.  Mrs. Kendrick had to dig through her garage to find the pegs that go with her inflatable Christmas decoration so that we could set up again. We taped the pole back together with duct tape and a stick for stability, but it’s not nearly as good as it was. It is up and working though and we’ve caught a weird red bug. We can’t wait to see what it is!

St. Peter’s grade 6 class, Unity, Sk.

IMG_3945 IMG_3946

Why not take a selfie The Malaise way??

Iona AcaIMG_0880demy grade 7 biologists are in for the challenge. “Selfie Time”  Our boys and girls are so excited to take a selfie with the Malaise Trap today.  IMG_0899 IMG_0896


It is such a beautiful warm day for it (16 degrees and sunny day).  We were all excited to see the trap!  Stay tuned for insect catching report tomorrow 🙂







Iona Academy Finally some sun Week one count

Iona Academy of Eastern Ontario:

Once again we set out to check how many insects we caught.  Today we are up to 30 insects, mostly flies and a few moths!! The weather has only been a high of 4 Degrees Celcius with a 40 percent chance of a mix of snow and rain. We are hoping to get better weather next week to continue to catch more insects with success!

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