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Final Day!

The wind and cold are picking up as we sit in the grass writing our blog entry.  There is a good amount of bugs in the bottle.  We think that there are some male mosquitoes and lots of flies.  The tent is being dismantled as we write – we think this experiment was a huge success! – Nadine, Olivia, MackenzieIMG_4336IMG_4333IMG_4330

Weather damage to the Malaise Trap

It is a rainy day.  The wind and rain had caused the sign to fall on the ground.  The poles in our perimeter are falling over and the security tape had fallen off.  We resecured our trap and noticed that there were already 1.5 cm of bugs caught since attaching a new bottle yesterday. -Aliya, Alysha, Ethan, Chayton, Marielle