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Labrador City, NL – successful week!

Our first week started out with a weekend with two days of snow and a down pouring of hail, frost on the ground and a low of -2.  Our trap needed a few repairs but we continued with the project.  Our aim was to hope the cold weather did not kill all our insects.  We made a goal of 1…………. glad to say we got 8 mosquitoes and a small spider.  YEAH.  Students look forward to our daily checks!





Finally here!

Hello from Castle Oaks Public School! We’re getting ready to pitch out trap tent! Looking forward to a great catch.

Students had a great time predicting the types of insects that may end up in our trap. One student desperately wanted to pose a question to his classmates:

Q: Why do bees have sticky hair?

A: Because they have honeycombs!

6A is very excited about this project and are looking forward to a very successful two weeks!

Email interruption: Please resend registration forms

Unfortunately, we experienced an interruption to our email service from approximately 6pm EDT on Wednesday, June 22, to 3pm on Monday, June 27. If you sent us your registration form for the Fall 2016 program or any other correspondence within that time period, please resend it. Our email address is We will confirm with you within 5 days (but usually much sooner!) that we have received it.  We are incredibly sorry for this inconvenience.

Final Trap Day

Our research period has come to an end. The research team did a final meeting and dismantled the trap and then compared week 1 and week 2 catch. The weather is getting much cooler, therefore we are seeing fewer insects. Frost had spread on roofs Friday morning. We are so thankful that our school was chosen to participate in the School Malaise Trap Program and we cannot wait to see the results of our research!




Photograph Photograph2

Final Day!

The wind and cold are picking up as we sit in the grass writing our blog entry.  There is a good amount of bugs in the bottle.  We think that there are some male mosquitoes and lots of flies.  The tent is being dismantled as we write – we think this experiment was a huge success! – Nadine, Olivia, MackenzieIMG_4336IMG_4333IMG_4330