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MDCSS Trap #SMTPselfie

Tuesday September 30th

Hey all you biologists out there! We are the Monsignor Doyle Mustangs in Cambridge, Ontario and our program has been going well! We have had wonderful weather (about 24 everyday and sunshine) and our catch volume has been good. We wish we had better plant diversity in our school yard, however that is out of our control.


Oops…the boys forgot to attach their pictures to the previous post…

Having fun while checking the traps, the boys wanted a picture included in their post, but forgot to do so.  Sooo…I am putting it here.

In terms of the trap, it is a nice day outside and the boys assure me that we have quite a few insects in the trap.  Level wise, we are still around 1.  I removed the Week 1 collection bottle and had a look inside.  In terms of interesting specimens, could see some caddis flies, at least one syrphid fly, and a few solitary wasps.


Richview Collegiate’s Start and Success

Day 1

The experiment is up and running at Richview Collegiate Institute. The trap has been set up in the school’s central courtyard.  The students have high hopes for the findings in the experiment since the courtyard has not been weeded since June.  In order to create awareness about the project an announcement was read in the morning after the national anthem and information tables were set up and manned during the lunch hour. Over the course of the day three classes were brought into the courtyard to discuss the trapping process. They discussed the purposes, method, and potential uses for the experiment and the trapping process. It was overall a successful start to Richview’s experiment.

Day 2

The experiment has sparked interest throughout the school. Many students have been very curious and have dropped by the courtyard to see the trap and observe what is happening. Two more classes have been taken to see the trap. The experiment provides great learning opportunities and has been used already to discuss method and biomolecules. Daily observations are being taken now to ensure accuracy in the results. The Biology department is excited to see what the future holds for the experiment.

John F. Ross CVI, Guelph, Ontario

We are happy to be participating in the study again this year! Three classes of grade 9 students taught by Ms. Bender and Mr. Neerhof are studying the importance of biodiversity in sustainable ecosystems. The trap was deployed last Friday, with the collection bottle attached this past (very chilly) Monday morning. We have few specimens to report, and we are hoping that the nice weather this week contributes to more insect activity.

St. Charles College…up and running…and…cue freezing temperatures.

The trap at St. Charles College in Sudbury is up, running and visible from my classroom. Unfortunately for us, though, the weather became unseasonably cold and wet for the past few days. We have a few insects in the trap at this point, but not many. However, we are supposed to be in for some warm sunny weather for the remainder of the week; hopefully we get a lot more in the way of insects.

One thing I think would be useful would be clear plastic collection bottles. That way we could see what types of insects are actually in the bottle.