CMS – Environment – April 27, 2015


During the process of setting up our bug tent, it was rainy and overcast–typical spring weather for Port Coquitlam. The weather was humid and the visibility was low; there was a thin fog in our area. Detailed information about the weather today can be seen below.

It is currently 12ºC at 1100hrs
Wind: N 1km/h
Humidity: 95%
Pressure: 102.6 kPa
Visibility: 8.0 km
Ceiling: 2300 feet (Very Low)
Estimated precipitation over next 36 hours: 5-10mm

The current weather is overcast with occasional showers. The sky, as viewed from our classroom, is currently completely covered by clouds.

Coquitlam Climate – Wikipedia

Geography/Nearby ecosystems

The climate in Port Coquitlam is a maritime temperate climate, which is characterized by frequent precipitation and mild temperatures. It rained periodically during our process of setting up the malaise trap.

There are two rivers near our school, which are the Pitt River and the Fraser River, with the former being the closest. There is also a patch of temperate rainforest near the trap.Weather

The above image was taken from our classroom’s window. You can see that there are numerous large trees nearby, and that the weather is overcast.

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