Congratulations to our 2016 Fall School Malaise Trap Program Participants!

Thank you to all who applied for this Fall’s 2016 version of the School Malaise Trap Program! This year, we received an overwhelming amount of applicants to the program (over 200 schools) from across Canada. It is because of your continued enthusiasm and support of the program that we have become so successful!

We are pleased to announce the following 60 schools and 7 reference sites have been accepted into the 2016 Fall School Malaise Trap Program. Congratulations to all!

2016 Fall School Malaise Trap Program Participants:

School Province
Blueberry School AB
Highlands School AB
Holy Cross Catholic School AB
Our Lady of Peace AB
W.O. Mitchell School AB
Brentwood College School BC
City Central Learning Centre BC
Cortes Island School BC
Fort Nelson Secondary School BC
Halfmoon Bay Community School BC
Oyama Traditional School BC
St. Anthony’s School BC
T.M. Roberts Elementary School BC
École St-Avila School MB
Kola School MB
Oakenwald School MB
St. Paul’s Collegiate MB
Vincent Massey High School MB
Devon Middle School NB
Inglewood School NB
Jens Haven Memorial School NL
Menihek High School NL
Queen of Peace Middle School NL
St. Matthew’s School NL
Madeline Symonds Middle School NS
Shatford Memorial Elementary School NS
École St. Patrick High School NT
Alliance St-Joseph ON
Castle Oask Public School ON
Chris Hadfield Public School ON
Chris Hadfield School ON
Collège Notre-Dame ON
Davenport Public School ON
Dr. George Hall Public School ON
Earl of March Secondary School ON
Elizabeth Ziegler Public School ON
Elora P.S. ON
Gordon A. Brown Middle School ON
Hamilton District Christian High School ON
John Polanyi C. I. ON
John T. Tuck School ON
Lydia Trull P.S. ON
Massey Street Public School ON
Morning Star Middle School ON
North Park Collegiate and Vocational School ON
Parkdale Collegiate Institute ON
Resurrection Catholic Secondary School ON
Sacred Heart Elementary School ON
Sir Frederick Banting SS ON
St. Elizabeth Seton Elementary School ON
St. Mary CES ON
St. Patrick Catholic  School ON
Westminster Central Public School ON
Ecole River Heights School SK
Hudson Bay Community School SK
La Loche Community School – Dene Building SK
Medstead Cental School SK
Vibank Regional School SK
Kluane Lake School YT
St. Elias Community School YT


Reference Site Province/State
Helen Schuler Nature Centre AB
Biological Sciences Department, Mt. San Jacinto College, Menifee Valley Campus CA
Biological Sciences Department, Mt. San Jacinto College, Menifee Valley Campus CA
Blair Outdoor Education Centre ON
Camp Heidelberg Nature Centre ON
Laurel Creek ON
Royal Botanical Gardens ON

Thank you to all who applied and congratulations to our selected participants!

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