Printemps 2013

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The Spring 2013 School Malaise Trap Program involved 60 schools in 42 cities, 77 classrooms, and 2003 students that we were fortunate enough to meet. Eighty-one traps were running from April 22 to May 3. You can view the location of all of these traps on the map below, showing elementary schools in blue, secondary schools in red, and comparison sites in green. Download the KML file here to see more details in Google Earth.

The trap catches were quite high for early in the spring season. The 81 traps on average collected 1,180 specimens for the collecting period. Our staff sorted 95,500 specimens and selected 22,646 to be barcoded. Our final dataset was made up of 19,501 barcodes (not all worked and short barcodes were discarded). These barcodes allowed us to determine that an impressive number of 1,392 species were collected over the two week period of the program.

An amazing 276 of these species were brand new to our DNA barcode library. What an important contribution all the classrooms made to the International Barcode of Life project!


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