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CBG’s Education & Outreach Programs
Explore the variety of education and outreach initiatives offered by the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics including our Environmental Education Programs for grades 1 through 12.

The DNA Barcoding Blog
Written by School Malaise Trap Program team member Dirk Steinke, the blog discusses issues related to DNA Barcoding, with a great mix of both scientific and non-scientific posts.

BIObus Blog
Head over to the BIObus blog to find out everything you ever wanted to know about the BIObus and its travels: meet the crew, read posts about life on the bus, explore the maps of previous trips, and much more.

LifeScanner is a recently introduced tool that invites the world to discover the biodiversity that surrounds them. Through the LifeScanner app, available for free on iPhone and iPad devices, you can easily access species information by either name or location. You can also contribute to this species database by ordering a LifeScanner DNA species identification kit, which allows the submission of four different animal specimens for DNA barcoding. You can track the progress of your samples with the app and, once analysis is complete, you will receive details about the species that you collected. Free trial kits are currently available in Canada and the United States.

The GigaPan Experience
This site allows you to view high resolution panoramic photographs and explore diverse habitats and ecosystems. Dr. Alex Smith, an associate professor of Molecular Ecology at the University of Guelph, has created several GigaPan galleries for users to explore ranging from the forests of Costa Rica to the Arctic tundra. If you wish to observe temporal changes through time-lapse photography of the “Dairy Bush” at the University of Guelph, check out Alex’s Time Machine Project!

The State of Ontario’s Biodiversity 2015 Report
The State of Ontario’s Biodiversity 2010 Report concisely introduces Ontario’s biodiversity in terms of what it means and why it is so vitally important to conserve it.  The report outlines Ontario’s diverse ecosystems, addresses the state of Ontario’s biodiversity, and suggests conservation and sustainable use practices.

Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy 2011: Renewing Our Commitment to Protecting What Sustains Us Report
Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy 2011 Report is a follow up report from The State of Ontario’s Biodiversity 2010 Report. It outlines Ontario’s targets and strategies to conserve biodiversity as well as threats to biodiversity and challenges to its conservation in Ontario in a very accessible format.

Biodiversity Education & Awareness Network
Check out this fantastic site which provides several biodiversity related resources, materials and teaching activities. Explore how your school can promote and support biodiversity.

Canadian Biodiversity Web Site
Our colleagues at the McGill Redpath Museum have constructed an excellent site on our national biodiversity, including sections on biodiversity theory and patterns, Canada’s ecozones and the species that inhabit them, and legislation and conservation.

Bringing Biodiversity to Canada's Schoolyards