No luck in Winnipeg!

Thursday morning, the 6M class got to visit the trap for their first time. With a high of 8°C that day, we didn’t expect many findings but they were happy to be going outside to collect some data. Here’s what they had to say:

Oh come on! We didn’t catch any bugs in our malaise trap. I t was our first visit, so you couldn’t expect a lot of bugs. This morning it was -5°C. I wish we had found a least something!
-Nasteho 6M

Today was the first time we went to see the trap. I thought we were going to catch a lot of insects but we didn’t catch anything.
-Jamal 6M

Today for the first time, my class went to see the trap. I personally think the trap is in a good place to catch bugs but it would help if it were warmer outside.
-Raphaël 6M

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