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Student Participation

Selfie with our trap!The School Malaise Trap Program owes its success to the enthusiasm of its participants. Check out this gallery to see some photos of hands-on science education in action – and to observe some new young biodiversity scientists-in-training!

On the BIObus!

Nate and Beverly sorting through their nets at Burnt Cabin Bog Ecological Reserve, British ColumbiaEvery year, the mobile lab of Le Centre pour Biodiversité Genomiques (CBG) (the BIObus) travels across Canada to promote science education and categorize the biodiversity of our country. While undertaking this journey, the crew of the BIObus keep a photo journal of their activities – and they’ve shared some of their experiences in this gallery.

Discovering Life in Canada

Male elk in Jasper National ParkIf you ask a non-Canadian what they think Canada is like, the first answer you’ll hear will probably involve snow. But did you know that Canada is home to deserts, rainforests, mountains, plains, and more? And it’s also home to a wide variety of organisms adapted to live in those climates. Browse this gallery for a glimpse of Canada’s biodiversity.

Bringing Biodiversity to Canada's Schoolyards