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St. Charles College…up and running…and…cue freezing temperatures.

The trap at St. Charles College in Sudbury is up, running and visible from my classroom. Unfortunately for us, though, the weather became unseasonably cold and wet for the past few days. We have a few insects in the trap at this point, but not many. However, we are supposed to be in for some warm sunny weather for the remainder of the week; hopefully we get a lot more in the way of insects.

One thing I think would be useful would be clear plastic collection bottles. That way we could see what types of insects are actually in the bottle.

Curriculum Connection

Language Arts – Each student chose an insect common in Ontario and learned everything there was to know about that bug.  They presented their info orally and in Microsoft Powerpoint.

Students are extra excited to look for their bug in the trap and in the field 🙂

Claire Gulliver- Jack Chambers P.S.

Forest Avenue Sets Up the Trap

Today our grade fours set up the trap at the front of the school.  We set it in front of our garden so that the bugs still had a flyway across and into it.  We’re excited.   Many of our co-participants have such varied landscapes ~ fields, ponds, etc.  It will be so interesting to compare the results!  Many thanks to Evergreen for sharing their creative barcoding art activity.  What a great way to bring the DNA concepts to one’s initial learning of it!

Malaise Trap in Mississauga, Ontario!
Malaise Trap in Mississauga, Ontario!

Westside Secondary goes buggy!

Westside Secondary School students in Mrs. Kelly’s SBI 3U class set up their Malaise trap today on our school property in Orangeville, Ontario.

We chose a spot on grass right next to a marsh area that is adjacent to our school property hoping that the vegetation of the comparatively undisturbed natural habitat might lead a  larger number of insects being captured.

The weather was windy, posing a some challenges when it came to pegging it to the ground. We are going to have to go back out tomorrow to make sure that it is still in place and catching insects.

We took advantage of being outside and gave back to the environment by collecting garbage on our way back in from setting the trap up.

Pictures will follow!