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End of Week 2

It’s hard to believe that collection time is over!  It has gone so quickly.  We’ve had a second sunny and warm week for our final collection.  Maybe it’s a good thing that the collection has ended though – the snow is supposed to fly tonight.  Looks like we’ve collected some pretty interesting specimens – and some different ones compared to week 1.




Now we await results!  Excited to see what species we trapped and if there are any unique species in our collection bottles.

End of Week 1

The first week of our collection has been a success!  The trap remained intact all week and was not disturbed.  Mornings overall have been very cool, while our highs have been quite high.  Day temperatures are ranging between 5C in the morning and 20C in the late afternoon.  The winds blew in today, so we actually took the entire trap down for the weekend and will re-stake it on Monday morning.


This is our total catch for week 1.

We’ll be back at it on Monday for week 2!

We got bugs!


The Grade 9 Warriors:

We’ve been a bit skeptical if we would get any insects – it’s been quite cool and cloudy here, with chances of frost each night.  Only a few small insects on Day 1 – there seemed to be more insects inside than out.  But the sun is out today and the temperature has climbed….and we have bugs!  Not a lot – but we can definitely see some different species in the collection bottle.