Monarch Park Collegiate

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in a study that explores various types of insects and their DNA. As of today, we walked around the school looking for an appropriate location to set up our trap. We walked around the school grounds in search of a place that would be private, undisturbed and that would allow the maximum amount of insects to come to be collected. There were various locations that would fit under our qualifications, but we thought that in the end our library’s courtyard would be the best choice.

– Class Bloggers: Naziha U. and Scarlett C., Monarch Park Collegiate, Toronto.

location of trap class photo


For those of you wanting to know where we are located a Google Maps link is below:,-79.323306,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89d4cc70885ba77f:0x5fcd576d80edaf1c

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