Richview Collegiate’s Start and Success

Day 1

The experiment is up and running at Richview Collegiate Institute. The trap has been set up in the school’s central courtyard.  The students have high hopes for the findings in the experiment since the courtyard has not been weeded since June.  In order to create awareness about the project an announcement was read in the morning after the national anthem and information tables were set up and manned during the lunch hour. Over the course of the day three classes were brought into the courtyard to discuss the trapping process. They discussed the purposes, method, and potential uses for the experiment and the trapping process. It was overall a successful start to Richview’s experiment.

Day 2

The experiment has sparked interest throughout the school. Many students have been very curious and have dropped by the courtyard to see the trap and observe what is happening. Two more classes have been taken to see the trap. The experiment provides great learning opportunities and has been used already to discuss method and biomolecules. Daily observations are being taken now to ensure accuracy in the results. The Biology department is excited to see what the future holds for the experiment.

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