Success at Jack Chambers P.S.

Hello there, my name is Alex and I am from Jack Chambers Public School. My class and I were pleased today to go out to our Malaise Trap to find many bugs captured. A classmate and I also witnessed an insect fly into the trap when we were out this morning. We’re very lucky to have the Malaise Trap where it is at the moment. It is about a  minute walk from our school, and is located by a pond just off the boundaries of our school yard. We’ve gone out every day for the past 3 days. We plan to continue to go out everyday for as long as we have the Malaise Trap. Even though today was our third day going out we have only captured a days worth of insects due to our epic fail (our bottle fell off during the first day). We will make sure to get more bugs especially with the new bottle that we’re getting. Thank you for the cool trap!

-Alex 🙂

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