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Final day for Brooksbank in North Vancouver, BC

The collections bottles are sealed and back in their box, the trap itself is a sodden mass (currently drying in my classroom over the weekend), our class has said goodbye to the Malaise Trap, and we wish good luck to the scientists who now have quite a job to wade through all the specimens that start arriving back at the Mothership next week!

You can see in our pictures that one local arachnid was super happy to set up camp in the Malaise Trap. She looked very happy in there, but we encouraged her to complete the rest of her life cycle elsewhere.

My students pass along congratulations to all the schools, and a big thank you to the organizers for giving us the opportunity to take part in a cool experiment!IMG_7850 IMG_7854 IMG_7856 IMG_7857

Friday 25 Sept in North Vancouver, BC

Today was another cool-ish, showery day (16 C was the high), but even with some of the blustery winds we’ve had, the Malaise Trap and its guy ropes are doing just fine. In fact, it looks as good as it did when we first set the tent-like structure up a week ago. This week generally has been cool at night (8-10 C), with a mix of sun and cloud, and occasional showers.

Interestingly, when you look at the volume from the outside of the nalgene bottle, it looks like there are only enough insects collected to (barely) cover the bottom of the container, but when you take the lid off and look directly inside you see there are dozens and dozens of very tiny insects, along with more usual sizes of flies and one wasp (which looks positively brobdinagian by comparison).

I would estimate individuals at 100 even though by volume they wouldn’t even register on the paper label, much less any of the graduated numbers.

IMG_7826 IMG_7828

Brooksbank in North Vancouver, BC is ready!

North Van, BC
North Van, BC

We received our shipping box, and will go over the materials and videos this coming week. Lots to learn! Thinking about the particular site we’ll use… maybe forest, maybe open field. We’ll assemble and disassemble the trap this week as a dry run so we’ll be all set for the Sept 21 start of actual collecting. Looking forward to it!