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First Week Review

As the experiment has progressed over this first week the results have been disappointing. The first week bottle was removed and much to the participants surprise there was an incredible lack of biodiversity. This lack of a large sample size is extremely surprising because of the amount of plant matter in the courtyard. The trap was assessed on the second day to make sure any issues that may affect the experiment were taken care of. Spider webs were cleared off the bottle but even after that was taken care of the results were still lacking.

Though the lack of a large sample size is surprising an experiment conducted last year heeded some of the same results.  Students made Sticky Traps last year to examine biodiversity in the courtyard and they too were surprised by the underwhelming numbers. They were especially surprised because a school nearby had great results.

This lack of biodiversity does make sense in comparison to the other high school because of a few reasons. For one thing the neighbouring school backs on to a river where Richview does not. Also Richview is situated by the intersection of two major streets where the other school is only bordered by one street. Since Richview is only one kilometre away from a golf course, the chemicals used to maintain those grounds may be affecting the biodiversity at the school.

This lack of biodiversity is concerning and should be continually monitored in the future.