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Taking trap down @ JackChambers

Today we had to take our trap down today, in the rain…and the wind. The trap is wet so we have put it up in our class in order to let it dry over the weekend. Thank you so much for the bio bus tour! It was very interesting to hear the information that we did.. This was a great experience and it was a great way to introduce us to DNA barcoding! 🙂 On Monday, the trap will be sent back. We are very sad to see it go but are very excited to receive our results and see if we caught any new bugs!




And we took another selfie for good measure – Mrs. G.

St. Paul’s Malaise Trap

Hello BIO! We were late on yesterday’s blog but this is a catch up.  The catch volume so far this week is at about 2 it’s going at about the same pace as last weeks catch volume.  Today is a very wet day so that hopefully will bring in a new species of insect! We will update you tomorrow on how it is going.

This blog was written by Daniel & Liam

C.C. Mr. E? Flickr Creative Commons
C.C. Mr. E?
Flickr Creative Commons

Kicking Off the Program for Evergreen Elementary

On September 22 our grade five class took a five minute walk from Evergreen Elementary School to our science teacher’s yard to attach the ethanol to the trap.

The trap was bigger than I thought.

We use ethanol to preserve the insects. It is important how we handle it because ethanol is very dangerous, poisonous and flammable. If we didn’t use ethanol the insects would naturally dissolve or decompose, and the research biologists wouldn’t be able to take a good enough tissue sample.

We were the first class to attach it. Because of that there were no insects. Yet there was one that had found it’s way into the top bottle.

I think it is a very clever program. I find it very intriguing and interesting, especially because the DNA barcodes can be used to prevent fish fraud!

St. Paul’s Malaise Trap

Hello BIO friends! Geramy, Liam, and David here with an update on our Malaise Trap. Our catch volume for week 1 is near level 3.  Since we have set up the Malaise Trap on Monday, we have checked the catch volume and the weather every single day. On Monday our class is going to virtually meet a biologist, who works on the BIObus. Our class is very excited about week 2!



Richview Collegiate’s Start and Success

Day 1

The experiment is up and running at Richview Collegiate Institute. The trap has been set up in the school’s central courtyard.  The students have high hopes for the findings in the experiment since the courtyard has not been weeded since June.  In order to create awareness about the project an announcement was read in the morning after the national anthem and information tables were set up and manned during the lunch hour. Over the course of the day three classes were brought into the courtyard to discuss the trapping process. They discussed the purposes, method, and potential uses for the experiment and the trapping process. It was overall a successful start to Richview’s experiment.

Day 2

The experiment has sparked interest throughout the school. Many students have been very curious and have dropped by the courtyard to see the trap and observe what is happening. Two more classes have been taken to see the trap. The experiment provides great learning opportunities and has been used already to discuss method and biomolecules. Daily observations are being taken now to ensure accuracy in the results. The Biology department is excited to see what the future holds for the experiment.

DNA Barcode Art

Grade Five students at Evergreen Elementary School in Drayton Valley have begun their study of biodiversity within Canadian ecosystems.

DNA bar code art (2)

On September 18, as an art project before deploying the trap, we made DNA barcodes of ourselves! Students made a list of their personal and physical qualities, such as strength, kindness, courage, flexibility, and gave each of their characteristics a colour. Using their chosen colours, they created a barcode to show their unique self.

The art project helped us to gain a better understanding of DNA barcoding, and it was a fun way to show who were are.

Jack Chambers Malaise Trap Blog

Tomorrow we’re going to set up our school Malaise trap! Our class at Jack Chambers P.S. is really excited. My name is Nabil, and this is the first time our school is doing something like this. We’re going to set up our trap near our school pond, and we can’t wait to see how many and what type of bugs we will find. Tomorrow we will write more about how we set the trap up and how it went.

Bye 🙂