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CMS Flora Fauna

High of 20 today. The weather was really rainy. It was really wet. 100 % cloud coverage. We saw few ants but anthills were mostly inactive. The flower head dandelions were all closed today and the puffball dandelions all looked weird and like they were made of plastic. Last week we saw 5 or 6 bugs. 1 flying the rest on the ground. We caught around 40-50 bugs. Mainly very small bugs under a cm long. Some bugs were larger like mosquitos.

By: Carter Phillips, Noel Illing

Flora Fauna Observations – CMS

We know we shouldn’t be complaining, because it’s snowing in other places, but it still kind of sucks to have rain. About a week ago, it was nice and sunny, and there were a lot of open flowers and bugs to find for us Flora Fauna group members. However, this week it’s the complete opposite. The drizzly weather has caused flowers to close, has scared off bugs, and changed the mood of the environment. There was nothing really to find these past days, and even if we tried to find something, nobody would be in the mood to try because it’s raining. However, we have identified some of the species living around our area. This includes earthworms (Lumbricina), woodlouse (Porcellio Scaber and Oniscus Asellus), dandelions (Taraxacum), snails (Helix Pomatia), ants (Formicidae), and a flower called the Spring forget-me-not (Myosotis Arvensis). There was a moth that we tried to identify, but it flew away before we could get a good look at it. Hope to find some more creatures!20150420_100836