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Announcing the #SMTPselfie Winners!!

LifeScanner Kit

We are pleased to announce the winners of our #SMTPselfie contest! Thank you to all who entered, and don’t worry…we’ll have another contest as soon as you receive your School Malaise Trap Program results! The winners for the #SMTPselfie contest will receive a LifeScanner Kit which is a new tool for exploring the biodiversity around you. This species identification kit will allow students to fill four vials with a whole organism or a piece of tissue and send it back to BIO for analysis!

And without further ado…the winners of the #SMTPselfie contest are:

1) Jack Chambers Public School

2) St. Charles College

3) Forest Avenue Public School

4) St. Paul Elementary School

5) Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School

Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you to all who participated! The LifeScanner Kits have been mailed and are on their way to you!

We look forward to sharing the School Malaise Trap Program results with you soon!

Collection Completed!


We really enjoyed this program. We especially enjoyed our second week. During the second week the sky was overcast and it rained periodically. During the second week we caught almost 3 times as much as during the first week. During the first week we only approached the first line of the bottle but during the second week we made it up to  almost the third line.  That helped us construct our own hypothesis about how the weather affects insect collection. We hope you enjoy our selfies and we look forward to the results!


Forest Ave. Finds Value in Bug Collecting!

It will be amazing if we can find any new species of bugs that help us or are a danger to us – even bugs that have medicines to cure diseases.  Our school has caught a lot of small bugs but we’ve caught very few big bugs.  I think the most common bug we have caught is a fly because they always fly around our school.  – A. (gr4)

Forest Ave. Wonders About Our Bug Population

When we set up our Malaise trap I was really excited.  I want to see what bugs live here.  I think it would be good to see what bugs live here because we can see if any bugs help make medicine.  We set it up in front of our school garden because bugs go near gardens.  I think we will attract a lot of bees because bees collect pollen.  I think we will get flies and gnats too.  We might get a dragonfly because I have seen some dragonflies at recess.  I wonder if temperature changes if any bugs come.  I think we would have a lot of bugs but we have a lot of small bugs.  – J. (gr4)

Forest Ave. Considers Location

Our bottle has filled up quite a bit since yesterday.  It’s now up to the first mark!  Most other schools have a more buggy area.  Our school is close to Lake Ontario.  Maybe our school will have different results than Erin Mills (also in Mississauga). What do you think?  Maybe tomorrow will be very buggy.  It might even raise another line!  – M. (gr4)

Forest Avenue Considers the Differences in All of Our Habitats!

It was really exciting when I first heard all about the Malaise trap.  I could not wait to set it up!  I thought we would get lots of bugs because there are bugs flying all around our school.  I don’t think that there will be lots of different bugs because it looks like we have the same bug.  But I still think there may be around 7-9 different types of bugs.  I think we will collect about 250 bugs in all.  I also think that the Northwest Territories will not get lots of bugs like the provinces because it is warmer down here than up there.  I think that the temperature will make a big difference.  We are lucky to be able to do bug research. – O.