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CMS — Vancouver Weather Ruins Everything.

Today we went back to Vancouver weather. Rain, rain and more rain! How exciting! Now the bugs are a lot smarter than us and didn’t come outside today. Except for a few lonely ants. Water drops on Grass.Not to mention that most of the flowers have closed their petals to protect precious pollen. The dandelion (Taraxacum) seeds have all drooped down from the weight of the water, and all the leaves and grasses have been coated with hundreds of glittering beads as well. At this stage, there were a few dandelions that had spread their seeds, but some of them were in the middle of blossoming. Just like the dandelions, the tree leaves have drooped down, and on the leaves there are evidence of bugs (Little holes everywhere).

Normally the anthill, full of activity is devoid of any life. It seems like the bugs have all of the sudden disappeared from the face of the Earth. We only saw a few ants (Formicidae) scuttling from one anthill to the next. The birds weren’t out either, not even the crows dared fly in this wet weather.

The rain was by no means heavy, but just relentlessly drizzling. Surprisingly, the worms were somehow satisfied with living underground, IMG_8695and not coming up for fresh air, which they normally do. So today wasn’t the most productive day in terms of finding animals, but at least we’ll always have the plant life there.