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Jackie’s Bug Blog

IMG_0701Today was our second day with the trap. There were lots of tiny bugs, and a couple of big ones. It was sunny today, but pretty cold. I saw a white spider, but I don’t know if it went into the trap. There’s a lot of grade threes and some Kindergartens who are interested in the trap. It’s really cool that our school got chosen to do the Malaise program!

First Day of Our Trap Program

I think the Malaise trap program is an awesome project. September 22 was our first day of the program. We walked from our school Evergreen Elementary School in Drayton Valley to our grade five teacher’s yard to look at the trap. When we got there we saw the trap and the bottle full of ethanol. We did not put the bottle on before we got there because it was the first day.

There are two grade five classes. And we were both going to the trap at separate times. We were the first class to go so there wouldn’t be any bugs in the bottle but the other grade five group might get some. When we put the bottle on, there was one small insect already flying around at the top of the bottle.

I think the next time we check the trap, a quarter of the bottle will be full.