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Bug Sorting Activity



  • To understand the advantages of grouping or classifying of organisms on the basis of common characteristics, and the necessity of a common classification scheme.

Strategy Overview:

Students will explore different classification schemes by grouping arthropod shapes

We also viewed this site: The 5 Kingdoms of Life

You can download the bug sorting activity on the Course Materials page!

My Students are Really Excited!

I teach grade 5 in Saskatchewan and below you will find how I am integrating this project with our curriculum. My students will be blogging each day, among other forms of communication to share our experience.  Today we talked about the various student roles in our scenario. Students chose their role today and we will begin the adventure tomorrow!

ben Sydney

Itching to Get Started

We at M.C.Knoll School are itching to get started to learn about biodiversity and the Malaise Trap Program. Here are a few things we will be doing this week…

1) Watch the classroom video found in the Course Materials section(biodiversity, DNA barcoding, Malaise trap)

2) Brainstorm and research- What insects do we already know that visit our playground? What do we know about these specimens? What can we find out?

3) Start creating questions for the Malaise Trap team to answer (then send in through email) example. Has there been a Malaise Trap set up near Yorkton, Saskatchewan in the past?

4) Following the School Malaise Trap program Twitter feeds

What are you doing? We would love to get ideas from you.

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