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Week 1, Day 1 Preeceville Check-in

We had a blustery start today with winds of about 30 km/h gusting up to 40 km/h.  It was a cool 13 C and we were under thick cloud cover until after school let out.  The Malaise Trap held strong all day and did not require any adjustments during the afternoon check-in  It looks like we already have about half a dozen species of insects in the trap!

T Minus 6 Days – Preeceville School’s Biology 30 Checking In!

Hello everyone!

Ever since our Malaise trap parcel arrived on September 9th, we have been really excited to start this project!

Unpacked and ready to rock!
Unpacked and ready to rock!

This week (September 14-17th), we have been learning about scientific classification of living beings in Biology 30 so that we can classify some of the critters that we catch during our time with this project.

Preeceville is located in east central Saskatchewan, one hour north of Yorkton (hello M.C. Knoll!!).  We are very fortunate to be in an area that is very biologically diverse.  Our town is in a parkland transition between the boreal forest and the prairie.  Our nearby lakes are “pit stops” for many migratory bird species.

We are planning to deploy our Malaise trap on the southern shore of Annie Laurie Lake near the bird trails and beach which are marked in light yellow on the map below.  This is about a ten minute walk from our school.

Map of Preeceville
Map of Preeceville

Permission has been received by our town to place the trap on town land.  We will be choosing a place off the trails in the bush so that it is out of the way.

The beautiful fall colours of Annie Laurie Lake.
The beautiful fall colours of Annie Laurie Lake.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this project!  We are looking forward to having the chance to contribute and learn from this process.


Time to Trap!

This is a small portion of the class that got to set up the trap this week! We worked very efficiently when setting up because we were all so excited to take part, and wasted no time to catch some exciting bugs!

Its off to work we go!
Its off to work we go!

Working hard or hardly working? I can say we did both. We had some laughs even though it was cold out and everyone was excited to get see the final product.

InstaSize_2015_3 _ 205345

The picture on the left is a student with a bug that we found in our tent. In the picture on the right was later that day after set up we already found some bugs that we caught. You can say we’re off to a good start! InstaSize_2015_3 _ 20533

These are the hard workers of the day with the beautiful final product of the malaise trap. Us posing with our tools. Can’t wait to receive new discoveries on collecting different bugs in the near future:)


We caught the “Hannah” and “Celina” bug!

Wait! We caught a lot more bugs at the trap… a whole tent full of them!