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Day 2 at Morning Star!

Day 2 of the Malaise Trap. It was a hot day  and it was 21 degrees Celsius. The Malaise Trap was still up and we had experienced very little wind. It was partly cloudy with a strong sun. There were some small bugs at the top of the trap yet to be captured. The bottle was filed up almost halfway to the 1 marker.  We are surprised how many insects we have caught!

Day One at Morning Star!


Today we setup the School Malaise trap for the first time! The setup process was quick and easy, also almost instantly we caught an insect. During the setup we all took notes about the bugs, the trap and the weather. The trap is setup at Morning Star Middle School in the South corner of the field parallel to the fence.  By the end of the setup we caught 3 bugs at 21°c with partial clouds. After we came back in we watched a live stream from the University of Guelph in which we learned more about DNA barcoding and got some questions answered. When we returned later in the day with the grade 6 Arts and Technology Program Students to give them a tour of the trap, the bottom of the bottle was covered with captured bugs, some other bugs such as wasp and mosquitos were flying in the bottle not yet caught. We hope that we continue collecting lots of insects and hopefully find an insect not yet DNA Barcoded!