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Announcing the Fall 2015 #SMTPselfie Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Fall 2015 #SMTPselfie contest!
Thank you to all who entered, we had some great entries this program! The winners for the #SMTPselfie contest will receive a Life Scanner Kit  which will essentially allow them to DNA barcode 4 organisms of their choice and find out what species they are!
Currently these kits are being offered for free for first time users + shipping online at the above mentioned link, so be sure to sign your class up for one!
And without further ado…the winners of the Fall 2015 #SMTPselfie contest are:
1) Brooksbank Elementary School – BC
2) Preeceville School – SK
3) Crestview Public School – ON
4) New Horizons School – AB
New Horizons
5) The York School – ON
The York School
Congratulations to all!

Final Day!

The wind and cold are picking up as we sit in the grass writing our blog entry.  There is a good amount of bugs in the bottle.  We think that there are some male mosquitoes and lots of flies.  The tent is being dismantled as we write – we think this experiment was a huge success! – Nadine, Olivia, MackenzieIMG_4336IMG_4333IMG_4330

All systems are a GO at the The York School!

The goal of the Malaise trap is to investigate insects in the environment of our school’s yard. We are excited to study the bugs and compare them to other schools across the Nation using their DNA barcode. We hope to learn what species of insects live in this area compared to other schools.

The trap set up went well today at lunch time. The tent poles and mesh parts were set up with ease while we had to hammer the pegs into the tough ground to keep the strings tight and the tent sturdy.  We then put caution tape around the trap to protect the area. The location of the trap is next to the school’s turf and basketball net off to the side of the school yard.

We are super excited to see what we will collect – can’t wait till tomorrow!


Written by: Amy & Anna (Grade 9 students)

Crestview is ready to go!

We could say it all started on Friday with the set up….but really we have been chomping at the bit since Monday.  So excited to be part of this great program and eagerly awaiting to be contributors of data!

We are an enthusiastic bunch of Grade 6 students from Crestview Public School in Kitchener.  For the rest of Canada, we are about an hour west of Toronto.  Our school is surrounded by Ash, Maple and Walnut trees which is pretty typical for this area, and at the moment we are enjoying the last “hurrah” of summer with temperatures in the mid to high 20’s everyday.

We decided on a somewhat secluded spot at the back of the Kindergarten play area.  We had to adjust the caution tape to be lower so that the little Kindies would not crawl under to sneak a peak.  Our tent is surrounded by trees and bushes and by the looks of it LOTS of flying insects!

Glad to part of this awesome team.  We are enjoying reading the other posts and looking where all the other teams are from.

iPhone Image 24D55D


Lovin’ our #SMTPselfie

Just a quick note from a very proud teacher…….over the weekend some teenagers decided to rip down our caution tape and remove some poles from the tent.  Some of our more local students made a point of checking on the tent every day.  They saw what had happened, scoured the playground, found the parts and put the tent back together good as new.  I am so proud of this group for their pride in ownership, dedication to this project and great sense of responsibility!  Thank you 6’s!  Mrs. Cochrane 🙂