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Group Entry, September 26

The day that we went out, it was raining rather hard, so moisture levels were high.  The first thing we did was check the tent and the ethanol bottle.  The amount of bugs was very limited.  In fact, we saw almost NO bugs.  Then, we took pictures of the trap and the surrounding area.

– Julia, Julia and Tavaughn

Week 2 bottle attached.
Week 2 bottle attached.

Start of Week 2

Today is the beginning of week 2.  We have just replaced the bottle in the trap.  The day is very miserable.  It is raining lightly and overcast.  The trap is under the tree which means it’s dry.  More bugs might be caught because they will want to stay dry and go under the tree where the trap is. – Jamie, Sophie and Noelle

Collection from Week 1
Collection from Week 1

Week 2 on the Windy Northern Prairie

Hi! St. Paul’s Collegiate is having a really good go product testing the Malaise Trap. We say that tongue in cheek as our conditions are nearly always very, very windy, and the durability of the trap is well-tested. It holds up well, though the collection bottle is tossed around incessantly. All of that said, there are numerous insects present. We have received many questions from interested staff and students who are not directly involved in the program but have otherwise become so via inquiry. It certainly gets mistaken as a tent with regularity!

Using scientific equipment and contributing to baseline data that drives research is a fundamentally important piece to any young person’s science education. This has certainly hit that mark. Then interest and inquiries will continue into Week 2!

All the best from the Manitoba prairie.




Final Trap Day

Our research period has come to an end. The research team did a final meeting and dismantled the trap and then compared week 1 and week 2 catch. The weather is getting much cooler, therefore we are seeing fewer insects. Frost had spread on roofs Friday morning. We are so thankful that our school was chosen to participate in the School Malaise Trap Program and we cannot wait to see the results of our research!




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