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@ Jack Chambers: What We Thought!

What some students thought…

I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed this program. It was really interesting how many and different types of bugs we found. Thanks for making science FUN! – Nabil

I thought that this was a really fun way to get students interested in science and it really made us consider how many species of insects we had in our schools backyard. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see this! – Alexandra 🙂

The overall experience was very fun, and it was really exciting to go down to our trap everyday and see what we had caught. Thanks a lot! -Wyatt

I had a lot of fun being a part of your program. It taught me a lot about bugs and how there are a lot of different kinds of species. It was a great experience, thanks! -Rachel

It was very fun going outside everyday to check on the bugs that we caught. Thank you, I really enjoyed this program! -Jieun

I had a lot of fun with setting up the trap, and see all of the bugs we caught! Thank you, I really enjoyed this program! -Bre

It was a great experience participating in the program, I’ve never done anything like it. It was fun, interesting, and very exciting! Thanks! -Matthew

I had lots of fun catching bugs so they could get DNA Barcoded. Setting up the trap was fun too. I enjoyed the program! Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube? -Ryan

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Taking trap down @ JackChambers

Today we had to take our trap down today, in the rain…and the wind. The trap is wet so we have put it up in our class in order to let it dry over the weekend. Thank you so much for the bio bus tour! It was very interesting to hear the information that we did.. This was a great experience and it was a great way to introduce us to DNA barcoding! 🙂 On Monday, the trap will be sent back. We are very sad to see it go but are very excited to receive our results and see if we caught any new bugs!




And we took another selfie for good measure – Mrs. G.

Epic Selfie @ Jack Chambers

Today we showed a class of grade sixes and Kindergartens our Malaise Trap. They thought it was really cool! Also while another class was out they noticed that a spider has been stealing our bugs! It built a web right under where the bugs would fall into the ethanol, so instead they would get trapped, then dinner would be served for the spider!

– Alexandra


bugs@ Jackchambers

On Friday last week, we went out to take down our Malaise trap bottle. We saw A LOT of insects in the jar. There were flying and non-flying insects. We even saw a grasshopper! Today, we put on the week 2 bottle and we are now ready for week 2 of catching bugs! We expect beautiful weather in London all week and hope that helps our bug count. -Matthew


Success at Jack Chambers P.S.

Hello there, my name is Alex and I am from Jack Chambers Public School. My class and I were pleased today to go out to our Malaise Trap to find many bugs captured. A classmate and I also witnessed an insect fly into the trap when we were out this morning. We’re very lucky to have the Malaise Trap where it is at the moment. It is about a  minute walk from our school, and is located by a pond just off the boundaries of our school yard. We’ve gone out every day for the past 3 days. We plan to continue to go out everyday for as long as we have the Malaise Trap. Even though today was our third day going out we have only captured a days worth of insects due to our epic fail (our bottle fell off during the first day). We will make sure to get more bugs especially with the new bottle that we’re getting. Thank you for the cool trap!

-Alex 🙂

Curriculum Connection

Language Arts – Each student chose an insect common in Ontario and learned everything there was to know about that bug.  They presented their info orally and in Microsoft Powerpoint.

Students are extra excited to look for their bug in the trap and in the field 🙂

Claire Gulliver- Jack Chambers P.S.

Jack Chambers Malaise Trap Blog

Tomorrow we’re going to set up our school Malaise trap! Our class at Jack Chambers P.S. is really excited. My name is Nabil, and this is the first time our school is doing something like this. We’re going to set up our trap near our school pond, and we can’t wait to see how many and what type of bugs we will find. Tomorrow we will write more about how we set the trap up and how it went.

Bye 🙂