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2nd Week of Collecting Specimens

It has definitely been a different week than last week for collecting specimens.. overall much cooler and certainly much  soggier!

J. F. Ross students in periods 1, 3 and 4 have been collecting their data on a daily basis, Mr. Neerhof’s class visited with  Dr. Steinke during the virtual BioBus tour.

Students have enjoyed visiting the trap each day, and have incorporated this hands-on study into their ecology unit.

Activities and discussions around biodiversity, ecosystem sustainability and  carrying capacity have stemmed from the experience.

Thanks so much from all of the Ross students!

John F. Ross CVI, Guelph, Ontario

We are happy to be participating in the study again this year! Three classes of grade 9 students taught by Ms. Bender and Mr. Neerhof are studying the importance of biodiversity in sustainable ecosystems. The trap was deployed last Friday, with the collection bottle attached this past (very chilly) Monday morning. We have few specimens to report, and we are hoping that the nice weather this week contributes to more insect activity.