Biodiversity around the trap

IMG_0905 Today in Eastern Ontario, Iona Academy students participated in the Virtual Bio bus tour!  We are pretty pump up about finding all the cool bugs that were described in the webinar.

Here is a view from our pond behind the school yard.  Can you see our trap?

Today,  as we were approaching the trap, we saw a little bird (chickadee) inside the trap.  We we approached, it took off to fly, but kept hitting the net trying to escape!  How cute that was:-)  Too bad we never had our photographer near by!

On the other hand, we saw we caught more diversed bugs such as a bumble bee, spiders, lady bugs and others we did not know the name.  Again more flies ( I guess it is because we are close by a dairy farm).IMG_0906

Weather was 15 degrees and partially cloudy.   Very little wind!

Can you find a lady bug?

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