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Why take part in the School Malaise Trap Program?

Educational materials sent out as part of the School Malaise Trap ProgramParticipation in this unique Canada-wide program allows teachers and students to adopt a hands-on approach to biodiversity science. The program incorporates many elements of the curriculum, and the associated materials and suggested activities provide many educational opportunities.

After the program is complete, individual trap results are emailed to the teachers. Within each results package educators will find a personalized school report which contains a list of the species caught at their school, as well as an image library of those species. A detailed final program report is also included, which provides an overview of the data obtained across all the participating schools and traps, including site comparison information, interesting specimen discoveries and much more.
"I love having my students participate in extracurricular activities - learning is more than paper, pencil, and books."
In addition to instructional material, supplementary teaching materials are provided to the participating schools and can be accessed online at our resource page.

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How do I register for the program and what are the costs involved?

The School Malaise Trap program is currently being offered FREE to educators across Canada! Thanks to the support of our generous funders, the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics at the University of Guelph is able to provide each selected participant with the materials necessary to complete the program. In order to register your class for this unique and exciting opportunity, please visit our registration page.

Bringing Biodiversity to Canada's Schoolyards