CMS – Week 2 – Day One – April 27th, 2015 Tent Building


So today our group set up the Malaise trap.

No one knew how to set up a tent.
So it was a mess. It didn’t help that it was raining harder than Hurricane Katrina, so we’re all arguing how to set up the tent while while water was falling from the sky. Sebastian, Asher, David, Bennet, and Ryan set up the tent, while Alex (Me) and April were watching them in case something wasn’t going right.

Alex and April were the only people who knew how to set up the tent, but they weren’t allowed to help set up unless people needed help (They did anyways). But in the end it worked out… The tent was finally built (Again), we were completely soaked, and my voice was gone from yelling at everyone on how to build the tent.

It was a great day!


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