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Rooftop Trapping in San Diego!

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In San Diego, Calif. we have placed the Malaise traps on the roof of three of our libraries: the Central Library, the Scripps Ranch branch and the La Jolla branch. The weather here has been hot and dry but we have been able to collect a good number of samples which we’ll be sending along soon. The picture here shows the trap on top of our main branch the nine-story Central Library.

Day 2 – Taking Observations!

Although it was damp and cloudy, our first check up on the Malaise trap was successful! We discovered that there were already some bugs in the trap and even as we were examining it, we observed that more bugs were attracted to the trap. We hope for another successful day of trapping tomorrow and are excited to see how the results vary with changes in weather and time! -Maryka, Joannie and Rebecca

Taking Observations
Taking Observations
We have bugs!
We have bugs!

Up and Ready!

On Friday, September 18th, we ventured up to Annie Laurie Lake and we found a perfect spot to set up our Malaise Trap (minus the collection bottle).

Preeceville School's Malaise Trap
Preeceville School’s Malaise Trap

We couldn’t resist the opportunity for a class selfie!

Preeceville School Biology 30 Class
Preeceville School Biology 30 Class

We also spent some time in our Biology 30 class developing some questions for this field experiment:

  1. What species of Class Insecta are present in Preeceville (Annie Laurie Lake)?
  2. What is the representation of  species (i.e. order, family) found in Preeceville (Annie Laurie Lake)?
  3. Are there species which are indigenous to our area and not found at any of the other collections sites?
  4. What information will DNA barcoding reveal about genetic relationships among the species found in our area?

On Monday morning, Miss Paterson will be placing the collection bottle on the Malaise Trap and she will check it through the week (although we are all probably going to be stopping by at some point to take a peek).  We are excited to see what we catch!

Happy trappings!


All set to go at Riverwood!

This morning at The Riverwood Conservancy, elementary instructor Alison, and teaching intern Theresa set up the Malaise Trap near the historic Chappell House. The chosen site is surrounded by forsythia, oak, beech, pine, and a beautiful Carolinian garden. We are excited to get the jar set up next week and see what we catch!



Cobequid Educational Centre – Malaise Trap Practice

Yesterday we looked for a good location for our Malaise Trap.  We found a good location at the corner of the soccer field.  We thought this was the best location because there are trees nearby, it is a fenced area, the grass is short, it is an area that gets a lot of sun, there are flowers nearby, and it is on level ground.  We noticed that there are a lot of bugs/insects in the area already.

Today we practiced putting up the Malaise Trap.   We feel that this was a good team-building exercise.  On Monday we should be able to set the trap up pretty easily.


Grade 10 Science students


Grade 12 Science students