Nearly 1 Week Till Trap Deployment!

Hello #bioSMTP participants!

As you are already aware we are approaching trap deployment; it’s just around the corner (Sept. 19 – 30)! As such, a package containing all the materials you will require to run the program has been sent to you via FedEx (please alert your front office). Depending on your location, you should expect to receive this package by the end of this week, or for further locations, next week.

Once you receive your program package and Malaise Trap (or even if you haven’t yet), we encourage you to start blogging!

Introduce us to your school/class and tell us about the location you have chosen for your Malaise Trap (don’t forget to add a picture or two!). Also, feel free to tweet @SMTP_Canada to share your posts/pictures!

The #bioSMTP team has found the perfect location for their trap – what do you think?

Renee checks the collection bottle on BIO's Malaise Trap!
Renee checks the collection bottle on BIO’s Malaise Trap!

We are excited to get started!

2 thoughts on “Nearly 1 Week Till Trap Deployment!”

  1. Nice area… lots of trees! We have a few trees in the area we hope to set up. We’re still positive that we will accumulate good specimen. 6A has created some new species of insects… pictures to follow shortly…

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