Ready, set, trap!

The 6S class went out Thursday morning to set the trap and have it ready to catch Monday morning. Here is a picture of the class, proudly showing off their trap and here’s what they had to say about it:

École Précieux-Sang does a goofy pose in front of their Malaise trap.
École Précieux-Sang does a goofy pose in front of their Malaise trap.

Today we set up our trap. It was really fun and we all got to put a peg into the ground. It was really fun to take silly pictures to post on the blog. It was also very nice of BIO to throw in a few little things like little pins, bookmarks, pencils, erasers and a bag.

-Maya Freynet 6S

I was happy when we put the trap up this morning because I’m so excited for this project. It was fun to put up the trap because my whole class worked as a team and we got to go outside to put the trap up. I think we put the trap in a good spot because it is in a garden so the flies might be more attracted to it.

-Caleb Dupras 6S

This morning, we set up the Malaise trap in the garden of the daycare yard. I think we are going to catch lots of bugs because we put the trap in the garden.

-Jérémie Chappellaz 6S

HI! Manitoba is a lovely place! I hope we find weird and cool insects! We already put up our trap. I was really fun. We took some funny pictures! We put our trap close to a tree so maybe the insects from the tree will go in it. I wonder if we can name any new insects we might find…

-Isabelle Sorin 6S

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