Reminder: Report Collection Volume Tomorrow!

Hello #bioSMTP participants,

We hope everyone is having a good first week of insect collecting!

This email is a reminder to remove the collection bottle from Week 1 from the trap by the end of tomorrow (Sept. 25).  Be sure to secure the cap back onto to the bottle and store it out of direct sunlight (cool, dark, secure place). Remember to install the bottle for Week 2 on Monday, Sept. 28th (no collecting will take place over the weekend).

ALSO! – At some point tomorrow, don’t forgot to let us know how your collection is coming along. Refer to the tick lines marked along the side of the bottle to give us an estimate as to how many insects you have collected so far as well as how the weather has/will be for your area. If the insects fall below the first tick line, please try to do a rough count of the specimens if possible.

Please feel free to blog about your collection volume in order to share your findings with students from across Canada. You may also tweet/blog pictures of your collection bottle @SMTP_Canada. Comments are enabled on our blog so that you will be able to respond to other school’s posts!

Great work so far & happy collecting!


The School Malaise Trap Program Team

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