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Wednesday Trap Update by Autumn in Revelstoke


I saw that there was a big spider in there today. There was also a big black fly. There were a lot of little tiny insects in the trap today. Our trap is in the back corner of our field, near the border fence and the trees. It was a really cold day this morning. But by lunch it was warm! Everyone everyday there are people who come to visit the trap and ask questions.


Jackie’s Bug Blog

IMG_0701Today was our second day with the trap. There were lots of tiny bugs, and a couple of big ones. It was sunny today, but pretty cold. I saw a white spider, but I don’t know if it went into the trap. There’s a lot of grade threes and some Kindergartens who are interested in the trap. It’s really cool that our school got chosen to do the Malaise program!

The Trap Went up in Revelstoke Yesterday!

Ms. Harrison’s Grade 4 class put up the trap at 9am yesterday! It was a cool 8 degrees and dewey. At recess and lunch, Austin and Grace explained the trap to the students who came to check it out. As they explained the trap, they gave out the bookmarks. Students were interested to know that all those coloured lines were the DNA barcode for insects! Six bugs had found their way in by lunchtime, even though we were all gathered around the trap.IMG_0720