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bugs@ Jackchambers

On Friday last week, we went out to take down our Malaise trap bottle. We saw A LOT of insects in the jar. There were flying and non-flying insects. We even saw a grasshopper! Today, we put on the week 2 bottle and we are now ready for week 2 of catching bugs! We expect beautiful weather in London all week and hope that helps our bug count. -Matthew


50 at the end of Week 1

As the first week ends, Mrs. Rose-Wideman’s class at St. Ignatius of Loyola is excited to report that 50 insects have been collected. New additions include: a cricket, a large grasshopper, spiders, and more black flies. We look forward to seeing what we will catch next week.


Bee’s, Grasshoppers, and Flies at St Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School

Good afternoon,

St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School is excited to report that over 16 organisms were caught in the Malaise Trap today! New additions include: a bee, a small grasshopper, quite a few black flies, and mosquitoes. Take a look:

Bee on top
Bee on top

imagejpeg_3 (1)