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Chedabucto Scenery

Here is a photo of the beautiful and snowy scenery here right by our school. This spot is where our trap will be located and where all the action will take place. We’re hoping the amount of trees here will attract some interesting bugs to share with you.
Scenery of Chedabucto

This is our Biology 11 class selfie. We’re standing on 3ft of snow, right where our trap will be. You can tell how excited we are for this big project by the smiles on all 29 of our faces (not even the whole class). The picture on the bottom is the class pretending we are bugs. We’re so pumped to start this project that we started BUGGING out in hopes to bring some goodluck our way.

The class BUGGING out
The class BUGGING out

“The bug bloggers” posing on the tent location. The snow has taken over our trap’s location, but hopefully it’ll melt. We’ll be ready though because we have our lab coats and goggles on, ready to get the job done. The snow isn’t bringing us down! We are ready to get down to business and to get to some serious bug hunting.

" Bug Bloggers"
” Bug Bloggers”