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W.R. Best – Setting the Malaise Trap

Our class (Mr. Stormes’ Class) along with Mrs. Joslin’s Class set up a Malaise trap on Sept 22 in the farmer’s field just outside of Barrie, Ontario. Hopefully after two weeks we will have some new insects. The Malaise trap is designed to trap flying insects and after two weeks we send our results to the BIO lab for research. After a bit we will receive the info of if we discovered any new species. If not, we still get to see what we caught.

How the Malaise trap catches flying insects is simple. The insects will fly threw the trap that looks like a tent and avoid bars that look like obstacles to the insect, then it will go toward the sky and hit screening and go into the collecting bottle. We’re hoping to catch a lot of flying critters.

IMG_0192 IMG_0182 IMG_0189