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Wind, wind, go away.

It sure has been windy the past few days at Wellington Hall Academy in Guelph, ON! The Malaise Trap needs minor adjustments daily. Since the wind is blowing so hard and the ground is so soft, the guy ropes and pegs are being moved around a lot and today, the pegs were pulled out of the ground due to the big gusts.
We hope that it stops snowing and the temperatures warm up a bit. Despite the cold, we have collected a number of insects. The forecast next week looks to be warmer! Happy collecting everyone!

Wellington Hall Academy is Getting Ready!

The grade 5/6 class has been exploring areas to set the Malaise Trap. Our school is located in one of the buildings at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph and we are lucky to have access to 240 hectares of land!

We scouted some areas and chose a location that would be close to the school so we can easily keep an eye on the trap.  It is in an area that the students think will have a high insect biodiversity.

We are looking forward to deploying the Malaise Trap on Monday and we are glad the snow is gone!