Updates from Landmark

April 23rd, 2015
The snow that we got the other day has all melted away and it is slowly starting to warm up. Hopefully that means that some insects come out soon! So far, our trap hasn’t caught any bugs. We’ve found that a few little pant seeds, and some specs of dirt floating around in the trap, but nothing to examine yet!!

-Olivia and Aliyah
Friday, April 24th
What’s up everyone! Landmark here. It’s been pretty chilly over here for the last few days, but at least all that nasty snow is gone. We’ve finally nabbed a few bugs in our trap – around 12 by my count. Two are small spiders, one is a female mosquito, and the others appear to be fruit flies. Not a terribly surprising count to be honest. Fruit flies often outnumber other insects here. Hopefully it warms up some so we can get more diversity!

– Tyra
(end of week one)

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