12 thoughts on “Valley Elementary Scores 7!”

  1. We are lucky to have SOME. I saw 1 that was covered in snow, and the other one that only got 1!!! ๐Ÿ™

    It is so fun, and it’s so cool that a bunch of grade fours are helping a collage. They should be really happy to have us!!!

    Again, SO cool

  2. now that our weather is changing from cold to warm we might start to get some more bugs in our trap. and now that it is getting warmer we have better chances because of the extra week!!!

  3. I’m so EXITED that we collected many bugs in the past week. We were all so happy with the weather that we had in the past two days that’s a sign of BUGS! we are all hoping to see lots of bugs!

  4. I think that it’s AWESOME that we have 7 bugs in our trap:)
    And it’s cool that the sun is shining so more bugs will come out and that means that more bugs will go in our trap!!!!!

    A student in grade 4M in Valley Elementary School!

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