Week 2 Update from Landmark

I’m going to be completely honest here, this project makes me uncomfortable. I have never really liked bugs. They are a nuisance to me. They get in the way and invade every aspect of your life. They ruin picnics, get in your food and buzz around your head. I don’t remember a time when I looked at a bug and was like ‘Wow, look at that beautiful creature crawling along the sidewalk.’ But don’t get me wrong, bugs are very important. (Not that I care to admit it). They are part of a bigger picture, one that we don’t think about. They are food for other species like birds and bats. So this Malaise Trap project shows that a variety of bugs are important to keep our current ecosystem stable and afloat. It shows that even though we can’t see them all the time that there are many species around us. Now I still don’t like going and looking at the Malaise Trap but I do realize how important this project  is to study ecosystems.

– Blaire


Week 1 bottle (after week 2)

Today it’s shaping up to be a warm day here in the heart of Canada. The temperature is around mid-twenties and there is a slight south-west wind. We hope the wind doesn’t negatively effect our trap. We just took down the week 1 bottle and the recent warm temperatures have brought in a lot of bugs. The amount we have collected is around level 1 and it looks as though we have a wide variety of insects. We can identify flies, bees, spiders and some smaller creatures that are hard to pinpoint. The next couple weeks are supposed to bring high temperatures which should result an increased level of trapped species in our bottles.
– Cari & Kristy



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